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What to wear while fat biking.


It’s cold out there and you’re going on a Fat Bike Adventure, but what do you wear? Will you be too cold or too hot? What if it’s snowing? Fat biking tends to be an aerobic activity and as such you’ve got the potential to generate a considerable amount of heat. Your clothing needs to protect you from the elements while allowing that heat/sweat to quickly dissipate. The key word here is "layering". That generally means a base layer, and thermal or mid layer and an outer layer. The ability to add or subtract layers as needed during changing conditions is also key to further enjoying your fat bike ride.

Winter weather can be daunting and it seems like it’s always changing, but with a little planning and a few key pieces of clothing you can take on winter confident that you’re going to be warm, comfortable, and focused on the adventure at hand.

Base Layer 
Building your personal winter fortress should always start with a solid base.  We highly recommend a fitted wool or synthetic base layer to pull moisture away from your skin quickly. These materials lend themselves to keeping you warm even when wet allowing you to be active with less fear of getting cold.

  • Wool or synthetic long sleeve shirt

  • Wool or synthetic long underwear

  • Wool socks

  • Avoid cotton

Mid Layer 
With the foundation of your layering in place, adding a thermal or mid layer that you’ll be able to use to control just how warm or cool you care to be is a great way to manage your comfort.  Again wool or synthetic fabrics are great for helping to keep you warm and dry. This is a great place for a light weight sweater or vest to keep your torso warm.

  • Sweater or long sleeve thermal tech top

  • Vest

  • Avoid cotton

Outer Layer 
You’re layered up and now it’s time to put that final wall in place between you and Mother Nature. A wind and water resistant outer shell top and bottom layer will keep the wind and snow out, all the while keeping the heat in. We prefer garments that have zippered vents in the arm pits and at the hip to let excess heat out. Pants should be well fitted to avoid catching as you pedal. There are two ways to go when it comes to outer layers.

Soft shell: Aerobic activity like fat biking need a shell layer with exceptional breathability. A soft shell is a great choice for most rides. Soft shells are tightly woven jackets typically featuring a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. This repels the moisture of light snow or rain while providing exceptional breathability.

Hard shell: A soft shell, however, will not prevent heavy moisture from penetrating, so a waterproof/breathable “hard shell” layer will protect you from heavy snowfall or a rain.

  • Wind/Water resistant coat and pants with zippered venting

  • Breathable outwear if possible

  • Avoid coats longer than waist length.


Head, Hands & Feet 
A significant amount of body heat can be lost from your head and hands if not covered. We recommend a thin hat or headband that will fit underneath your helmet to keep your head and ears warm! Gloves that aren’t excessively bulky or restrictive will help keep your hands warm and agile for shifting gears or braking.


 Finally a winter boot that you’d feel comfortable walking around in the snow is ideal in the event you need to put your foot down off the beaten path.

  • Thin cap, beanie or headband

  • Medium or light weight winter gloves

  • Winter footwear.

  • Snow Goggles

Creature Comforts 
Looking to really finish off your winter wardrobe? Here are a few items that can take you from comfortable to cozy. A backpack to carry/stash those extra clothing layers you might want to add or remove plus any small personal items. Glasses or goggles with an appropriate lens for the time of day you’re riding can really make a difference when it’s bright and sunny or snowing. Lip Balm to keep the wind and cold from chewing up your lips. Protecting yourself from both direct sunlight and reflective sunlight off the snow (even during a cloudy day) is important, so pack some sun screen.

  • Backpack

  • Sun Glasses/Goggles

  • Lip Balm

  • Sunscreen

With all these pieces in place you’re completely prepared to handle whatever winter throws our way! 

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